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Merry Mixmas 2022

It's Mixmas time once again! It feels like I say this every year -- because I do! This is the 21st year of Merry Mixmas and it's still going strong! As in the past, Merry Mixmas 2022 includes lots of new songs plus some older songs, and we guarantee you'll hear things you've never heard before. In a good way! You can find the track list, along with links and track lists for the other 20 Mixmases, on the Christmas page. If you want to listen without any spoilers, just click the pic above to download or stream it now. (If you're playing one of those grinchy games where you avoid the Wham! song, the McCartney song or Little Drummer Boy, don't worry, this year's mix has none of those.) Be jolly!


Video from last year, and it's still worth watching! "It's the End of the Year (Christmas Time)"